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My daughter, Katie, who is now 11 years old, was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at 9 months old.  Katie began working with PBM at about 2 years old and we have had great success with the therapies. We have only had two main therapists for these past 9 years, Molly and Jamie.

In the beginning, Katie's tantrums and inappropriate behaviors kept us at home and isolated.  But, due to hard work, both socially and scholastically, Katie has made such gains in all aspects in her life.  Also, thanks to Molly, Katie was potty trained in a weekend, which was something we could not begin to accomplish.   Jamie has been such a blessing with her social outings; helping Katie to learn appropriate behaviors in public, and helping us deal with school issues.  We can now take Katie out in public without a melt down or any major issues.  This has fed over into Katie being able to participate in dance, learning in school, Special Olympics, and forming long lasting friendships with the other kids she has met.

Our life is so much easier now that Katie has learned appropriate behaviors and how to deal with life better.  I hope our relationship with PBM continues for many years.

Cheryl Murphy

I am convinced that the supports you provide greatly reduce costly inpatient admissions not only because you can effect behavioral change but also because you provide educational information to families that allow them to continually support their family members.

JH, Missouri Department of Mental Health Psychologist

PBM is my first choice for families with aggressive and highly inflexible children.

JRB, Adolescent Psychiatrist

...we had tried several traditional behavior modification techniques that were ineffective in changing the way [she] would respond...we were to the point where we could not take [her] out in public, and our home life was disintegrating before our very eyes. All of this changed after PBM...Even though they could not change her PDD/NOS diagnosis, they changed the way we dealt with her, helped her stay focused on the task at hand, toilet trained her, cut her tantrums from 5-6 hours down to 5-10 minutes, and helped us understand many aspects of behavior and how to best handle certain situations. Through all of this, we now have a fairly "normal" home life and can enjoy going out in public again as a family.


Your program, All STARS, has received the designation of Outstanding/Exemplary from the Department of Elementary Education, Division of Special Education. To be recognized by the state for excellence in educational programming for Special Education is quite an honor and one you richly deserve. Your dedication to Special Education students is deeply appreciated.

DGS, Superintendent of Schools.

I am writing regarding our son’s behavior therapist, Sarah.  She has worked with Austin for the past few months, and we are highly pleased with the therapy he is receiving. 

Sarah initiated a behavior plan that we have been able to implement at home and school.  This consistency has helped Austin significantly.  We also like the way she works with Austin on social skills, in various locations.  Austin enjoys these “outings” with Sarah, unaware that he is learning appropriate social behavior at the same time. 

My husband recently commented that Sarah has been the only behavior therapist that has spent most of the therapy time working WITH Austin. Other therapists in the past, hardly did any one-on-one type therapy with Austin. We were so impressed with Sarah that we recommended her to our son’s autism specialist at Children’s Mercy Hospital; during his last follow up with the Doctor.   The Doctor reviewed the plan Sarah implemented, did a check up on our son, and told us that she was very pleased with his recent progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to others. 

Thank you for hiring such capable, caring and excellent professionals.

Josephine M.

PBM is a very valuable referral source because very few agencies that provide in-home therapeutic services are able to effectively manage some of the most challenging clients in the Kansas City area.

DMR, Developmental Psychologist

Partners in Behavioral Milestones is the best resource out there for schools and parents who have children that have behavioral issues.  They are always willing to have conversations on the phone, through email, or even come to the home or school for visits.  Their staff is very knowledgeable and has the kid’s best interest in mind.  They are very thorough in their data collection when observing the child before ever trying to develop a behavioral plan.   The plans are set up for the child’s needs and to make everything run as smoothly as possible.  I am very pleased to be associated with the people that work at Partners in Behavioral Milestones, not only do they treat the people they are working with as friends, they also treat you as you are part of their company and are willing to listen to strategies that you come up with as well.

Thanks for all your help.

TWG, K-6 Behavioral Resource Room Instructor, Marysville KS Public Schools

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