Resources: some helpful reading material

Let me hear your voice: a family's triumph over autism
by Maurice, Catherine (1993)
ISBN: 0-449-90664-7

     This book is great place to start. It recounts one family's experience from diagnosis through treatment.

     The Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies says "...It should be required reading for persons working with or studying to work with persons with autism and their families."


Behavioral intervention for young children with autism – A manual for parents and professionals
by Maurice, C., Green, G. & Luce, S. C. (1996)
ISBN: 0-89079-683-1

     With excellent, concise information on autism, treatments and various topical issues, this is probably the most popular book among the families we support.


Making a Difference: Behavioral Intervention for Autism
by Maurice, C., Green, G., & Foxx, R. (2001)
ISBN: 0-89079-871-0

     This is high on our recommended reading list for families and professionals alike.


Facing Autism: Giving parents reasons for hope and guidance for help
by Hamilton, Lynn. (2000)
ISBN: 1-57856-262-7

     Written by the mother of a young boy with autism, this book details the family’s journey from the moment her son is diagnosed. Though it chronicles their experiences, there are chapters covering topics such as Applied Behavior Analysis, educational needs, sensory issues, dietary interventions, biomedical interventions, and more.


Decreasing Behaviors of Persons with Severe Retardation and Autism
by Foxx R. M.
ISBN: 0-87822-264-2

     These books are easy-to-read and understandable guides to educate readers about the complicated world of behavioral plans.  Reviewers have stated that it is an “ongoing resource” for them and “is referred to at many team meetings.”


Increasing Behaviors of Severely Retarded and Autistic Persons
by Foxx R. M.
ISBN: 0-87822-263-4

     A resource book relating to the universal principles of behavior.  Reviewer, and Behavior Analyst, George Bisset, calls it “an excellent introduction to behavior analysis techniques for professionals or parents.”


Applied behavior analysis
by Cooper, J.O., Heron, T. & Heward, W. (1989)
ISBN: 0-13142-113-1

     This book is one of the texts on the principles of behavior analysis. It is for those interested in learning the basic principles on which applied behavior analysts base their work.


Teaching language to children with autism or other developmental disabilities
by Sundberg, Mark L. & Partington, James W. (1998)
Behavior Analysts, Inc.  ISBN: 0-96809-850-9

     Sundberg and Partington present an excellent application of Skinners Analysis of Verbal Behavior. While this text may be wordy and technical in terms of the behavioral "jargon" and the level of training it takes, the authors lay out the elements necessary to get children with developmental disabilities communicating.

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